One can get an international drivers license in Germany provided, they already have a german national drivers license. In Stuttgart, where I live, one can apply it online in the Other cities will have a similar sites, but the process is similar.

Documents needed to apply

  • Identity card or passport
  • Biometric photo
  • EU driving license card


Last time when I applied, it was costing me 16 EUR

Is this international license valid in all countries.

According to this bmvi.deit is difficult to say. But it should be valid in many countries together with German drivers license.

This adac page gives some clues but only covers few countries. For example, It doesn’t have information if it is valid in India, the country for which I am search for now. has more concentrated information.

For example, I was not sure if it is valid in India. To check for more details, It is recommended to checkout the country specific page which is ReiseUndSicherheit

So when i checked india it can be read in German “Der Internationale Führerschein ist erforderlich und nur in Verbindung mit dem nationalen deutschen Führerschein gültig” which can be translated in English as “The international license is required to drive in India and only valid together with german drivers license”. Well there i found what i wanted. Being an Indian, i should say, its not very easy to drive in India as in Germany. Ofcourse, for the people driving there, it’s a piece of cake.

I would compare driving in India to Ice skating. It looks scary but it appears like every one understands each other. Unfortunate events do occur. But if any one visits first time, they would wonder how nothing happens already!