I was searching for easily maximizing windows in mac to occupy full window (note its not full screen mode that OS supports by default) rather than manually dragging the edges to corners. I learned about two nice little tools Tuck and SizeUp which brought more nice features which i am using almost every time. Thank you http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/115895/how-to-maximise-a-window-to-fill-up-screen-in-mavericks for helping me discover these nice tools.

I have installed trail versions of both Tuck and SizeUp to check them out. Individually each app is outstanding. Combined they are double outstanding (oops i don’t know if i can use this expression. why not 🙂 ). One drawback of a trail version is your get a popup every hour or so. Yeah trail versions always comes with a drawback. I also got used to the shortcuts very easily.

SizeUp, with this window management tools, now i could organize my windows like i have never before. Now I can push my windows to all four directions if i am working on multiple windows. The maximum windows you could see are four at a time. This is absolutely fine in my opinion. This is completely different from mac’s inbuilt split window functionality and it comes no where near SizeUp.

Tuck, it’s just cool. It pushes the windows completely of the screen that you don’t see it (left, right, top, bottom) but they are always with in your reach when you want them.

The space is managed so elegantly that i have not regretted bring these two tools in to my mac. I no more use cmd + tab as my application switcher. I will soon purchase both of them.

Kudos to Irradiated Software team. You are really innovative. You can get them from following links.