At this moment, If I think, my daily routine drills down to ‘Computers’ and ‘The Rest’. (I already have a feeling, that others are already feeling sorry for me. please don’t 🙂 )

Most of my posts go in to Computers because, as part of my job and hobby, I really enjoy coding, learning new programming languages. Well, since I am not a robot, there is also other aspect to my life, which is very important other than Computers. I would call it “The Rest” => “Life”. Family, Being Close To Nature, Biking, Photography are major aspects that I cherish other than Computers.

It’s always easy to post something in to Computers section because, mostly, the posts are referring to a Problem and a possible Solution, that works for every one. I don’t want to get in to the performance details here.

But, ‘The Rest’, hmm, its hard for me to describe any life experience, problems and emotions in terms of words. Yeah sure, there are great authors and poets who could do that. I am not. I would be writing a book otherwise :). What make sense from my perspective could be completely senseless from other peoples perspective. After all, every one has their own life and I believe that their reasoning comes from their experiences. So at the end, understanding the fact that, It is hard to satisfy all, I still try to post something here If it really make sense. But, well its my own blog, i can write what ever I want, and by disabling the comments, making it a one way road 🙂 .